About Us

Jason & Maggie began their journey in the vintage rental business two years ago. The road to get here seemed to come pretty natural for the two as it began well before they had even met each other. Maggie was born into the rental business. Big Top Rentals, her parents tent and party supply rental company, is where Maggie would spend the summers working with her Mom in the office and even on the road with her Dad. Never did she think that all those tasks that became second nature to her here would play such a crucial role in the shaping of her own business one day. While Maggie spent the summer incidentally learning how to run a rental company, Jason was out along side his Mom and Dad dealing at the flea markets and rummaging through antique stores for interesting and unique finds. Even years later, Jason always kept the passion of the hunt with him and during down time from their jobs began to introduce it to Maggie. It started by just buying what they each were drawn to and before they knew it they had a vast collection, which is now called Maggpie. “Both of us play such a crucial diverse role in this  business, but what we really enjoy are the times we get to put our heads together and collaborate. We’re a team through and through.” Jason and Maggie always had the vision of using their collection at their own wedding. “When we collect enough chairs we’ll be ready”, said Jason. Now two years engaged and 200 chairs later, they’re thrilled to be able to share their pieces with others for their own special day. “We’ll get there”, says Maggie, I’m not in any rush.” “The bond that we’re experiencing during this journey is amazing in itself,and I’m satisfied with that…we’ll just have a big party in few years to celebrate it all!”